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Monday, February 13, 2006 Forum finally has a forum to discuss flash games. I know it still looks ugly but I am still developing the layout. It will have a good design when finished but for now I just want a place for the visitors to post their questions.

Future Changes:

  1. The ‘New Post’ and ‘No New Post’ images
  2. Add at lease four more topics
  3. Design the layout
  4. Design a ‘Forum Status Section’ which will have:
    - Total members
    - Total topics
    - Total post
    - Current members online
  5. Design a ‘Member Info Section’ which will have:
    - User name
    - Private Massages
    - View New Post
    - Search
  6. Reorder the link list, index – Portfolio – FAQ – Logout/Sign in/Register
  7. And more…

Do you have any good ideas on changes?


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