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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Will be featured on

I received a pleasant email, yesterday, notifying that my site will be featured on on May 5. This wonderful news was unexpected and has motivated me to improve before May 5. The to-do list includes:

- Cleaning up the design
- Color Scheme
- Database (Finding someone to help me make one)
- Allow visitors to submit their flash game
- Designing some banners (If anyone would like to help, let me know)
- Past games of the day (archive)

Anyone have more ideas on improving The main concern is cleaning up the design and developing the archive. As of now, I am awfully limited in developing Databases so that might have to wait.

Submitting your site to different (site of the day) type of sites could highly increase your visitors for free. It never hurts to at less submit your site.

There is a lot to do so I better get started.


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