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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Business Flash Games - Great way of learning?

Understanding the foundation of a business is a must for any Internet entrepreneur. Business Flash Games can be a great way of learning the foundation.

I believe an Internet entrepreneur education can be fun and should be fun. These are three business flash games that I highly recommend these flash games to anyone that wants a fun way of improving their skills in managing a business. Of course you can’t learn everything from these games alone but they can be a nice start.

Remember to watch the inner aspects of these business flash games.

  1. McDonalds Corp.
    This one is my favorite because you get to manage the agricultural section, feeding lot, restaurant, and headquarters.

  2. Lemonade Stand
    This one is a simple game. However it helps you understand the numbers.

  3. Hot Shot
    This one is very fun and helpful. You have to completely manage a business.

Well... I know everyone will enjoy these business flash games. I know. I did!


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