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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Forum Posting - Promotion Technique

It can be a very affective way to boost the traffic to your site. How to find the related forums to post on? Simple, you use Google or anyother search engine to do this. In the search bar type “Keyword forum” and the top forums related to your site will show up. After finding these forums, you need to introduce yourself and start contributing to their forum with quality post. This will get the right people to visit your site.

Always have a link back to your site either in your signature or post. Never have too much links referring back to your site or they will consider your post Spam. This would give you a bad reputation.

Testing the technique.
Today, I am going to carry out this promotion technique for my acne site, So far there as only been 1 visitor to my site, today. It averages about 4 visitors a day. The related forums will be a secret... Sorry.

Only the visitors that are referred from these forums will be counted. There will be 3 different related forums that are being used. I will post 2 new topic and 3 replies on each forum, which will total of 15 posts. Tomorrow, I will give you an update on the progress of this promotion technique.

This is the example of the signature that will be shown in my post on the related forums.

Popping zits
It’s an hour away from your blind date and a zit is growing.



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