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Monday, September 18, 2006

My Addiction

This story begins in an IEA (Internet Entrepreneuring Anonymous) meeting…

Me: My name is Bob Schmuck and I am addicted to… Internet Entrepreneuring!

Counselor: Thank you for coming to the meeting. You are very strong person, and admitting is the first steps to recovery from success.

The Group: Clapping…

Counselor: I know the IE is a very difficult addiction to battle, alone.

Me: I’ve been addicted to IE since 2005 and it feels like a part of me.

Counselor: You are stronger then this addiction!

Me: Wait! Your retarded this isn’t an addiction this is MY LIFE!

The Group: Gasp…

Counselor: You need to control your addiction and your opinion.

Me: Internet Entrepreneuring is in my blood and always will be!

Counselor: I can help you with medication. It will kill your drive for success.

Me: Internet Entrepreneuring and Success is the most wonderful addiction in my life.

Me: I don’t need medication… go suck a lemon!



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