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Monday, December 25, 2006

Can it be true?

Oh yeah. Its true! I would never lie to my loyal/wonderful readers. As a Christmas gift my mom, Jan bought me my own real cool domain, who would of guessed? Damn, that sound awsome my own name as a domain. Haha, I own myself. Now, I can tell myself what to do and demand respect... I guess everyone know the next things I'll be typing.

You need to update your links and bookmarks to my new Title and URL.

Title: Bob Schmuck

As of right now, I've selected the a templet from Jon Waraas blog, Drunk Loser. I still need to talk to Jon because I've added and changed a few lines of code in the templete. For example, in photoshop, I changed the fonts on the left site navigation bar.

Anyways... I'll talk to him later so go checkout my new blog,


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