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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Jon on shoemoney's show

Earlier today, Jon was a co-host on Shoemoney’s radio show at I personally don’t know either one of them but I’ve been reading and learning from Jon for a while now. Jon’s Blog has been very helpful in my journey with my favorite article being, “Applying the K.I.S.S. Method To Your Projects”. I’ve been using this method on my projects and been seeing great improvements compared to my past site projects. On the other hand, I haven’t really been reading or learning from Shoemoney because he “seems” like a big douche.

About the Show
All in all, the show was a great learning tool. It was funny to hear how normal Shoemoney and Jon sound but they are making a shit load of money. I noticed Shoemoney seems more anal than Jon. I really enjoyed. Their conversation about developing a simple website that makes a profit even if it is only $1 a day. After finding a working method, begin creating volume. I realized this about three months ago and my profits have been increasing since. This is also related to their comment about people need to stop looking for a magic key and just start developing sites.

I wasn’t able to join the IRC Chatroom however I hear that the moderators were banning everyone and not really helpful. I’ve noticed most chatrooms for specific events are normally very unorganized. I am not disappointed in missing the chance to be in the conversation in the Chatroom.

Jon really stuck it to the Warrior forum and Shoemoney’s sister asked him not to be haten on the Warrior forum. And all Jon said was, “Why not”.

Anyways... This episode should be in the archives at Net Income, eventually.


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