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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Avoid owning to many domains!

I hear about Internet Entrepreneurs owning to many undeveloped domains all the time. The domains just sit in their collection yelling, “Develop me”. These people never have the time to develop these sites because they have to many and feel over whelmed. Well, let me enlighten you with my secret on avoiding that dilemma…

After registering a domain, I fully focus on that domain until it earns my initial investment back, which is normally only $8 for the registering fee. This means I never purchase another domain until my previous domain returns the invested funds. In the beginning, this would take around 4-6 months however now it only takes about 30 days.

When you first start out, you might want to register 3-6 domains to create volume so you arn't just focusing on one site that doesn't work. But remember not to register another domain until these sites bring you back the invested funds. When developing one of these sites first develop the site then promote it after you have a finished product (site). You might even want to develop the 3-6 on related topics so you can cross-link them.


  • That is good advice. I have several undeveloped domains that I bought thinking they might be candidates for re-sale at some point. However, I wouldn't mind getting some content on them in the mean time.

    My problem is actually building the site out. Thus far, I've stuck with "blog format" type sites and as you probably know, those can take ALOT of work to keep updated regularily.

    What advice do you have for building sites out as far as content, format (ie. blog, static, etc.) which allows you to crank them out without becoming bogged-down in updating constantly (like my blog situation)?


    By Blogger micsaund, at 11:48 AM  

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