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Friday, December 22, 2006

Growing into a network!

I would like to introduce you to my new network, “Growing Ground”. I’ve choose this name because the meaning is based on my websites being planted and grown from the ground up with each seed growing to become it’s own network, in the future.

The Network’s To-do List:
- Setup a website for the network.
- Tweak the design and logo.
- Finish adding it to all the pages of the sites in the network
- Setup a LLC, which I'm reading and learning about, now.

I would like talk about the sites in the network…
This Game site has grown from just 5 flash games as a seed in the beginning into a pleasant small plant with over 100 flash games. It’s my favorite site.
This site has over 50 pages and growing. It has information on anything related to airsoft guns with content on equipment, types of guns, games, safety precautions and more…
This game site was developed to target girly girls, who enjoy playing flash games with out blood or fighting. It’s actually my wife’s idea and site.
This site is still in development with information on talking boards more well know as Ouija boards. It has a page on related names for talking boards, which is rather interesting.
This site will have loads of information of the extreme sport of Paintballing. It’s still in development; however, it already has a great amount of information that can help any person interested in this sport.

For the longest time, I’ve been trying to some what keep most of my sites a secret but recently realizing that anyone who really wants to find out the sites that I own can easy find out with a little bit of researching. This is why I’ve decided to uncover my sites and talk about them more often.


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