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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Answering Questions...

Al has asked very good questions and I will answer them as best as I can. If anyone else have question just drop me a comment. :)

  1. Al’s first question, He asked, “Where did you get started?”
    The very first site I developed was in 2001 for my Boy Scout Eagle Project on the topic of Testicular Cancer. At that time, I wasn’t aware of the chance of making income from developing a site. It wasn’t until 2005 that I found out there was a chance of me making money online. I was studying and trying to develop sites for 4 years until I made my first $0.16 (July 1, 2005). Keep in mind I wasn’t trying to make any money during this time because I wasn’t aware that I could. The first month I started to try to make money was December 2005, which I made $33.76. Since then I’ve been studying and testing different layouts, ad placements, and more.

  2. Al’s Second question. He asked, “Where did you earn your first dollar on the web?"
    After moving my first site to its own domain name, I made my first $1.00 from AdSense. I don’t think I could explain the process of making your first dollar because it took me four years :). It was a great feeling knowing that I made a dollar without working for someone. The key in making your first dollar is to keep it simple, using trial & Error, and work to learn not money. When your are developing a site focus on using your site to help the people on your topic not on how much money the site will make at lease in the beginning. Also use your first site to test out different methods. The number one thing to do is use your thing between your sideburns.

Al, your goal on seeing a dollar amount in AdSense is a great idea. I remember when I first started, I set goals of making any amount of money and seeing a small amount in my AdSense account made me very happy. Think of it this way, every racer must start at the beginning of the track to reach the finish.

Keep your eye on the prize!