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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Will be featured on

I received a pleasant email, yesterday, notifying that my site will be featured on on May 5. This wonderful news was unexpected and has motivated me to improve before May 5. The to-do list includes:

- Cleaning up the design
- Color Scheme
- Database (Finding someone to help me make one)
- Allow visitors to submit their flash game
- Designing some banners (If anyone would like to help, let me know)
- Past games of the day (archive)

Anyone have more ideas on improving The main concern is cleaning up the design and developing the archive. As of now, I am awfully limited in developing Databases so that might have to wait.

Submitting your site to different (site of the day) type of sites could highly increase your visitors for free. It never hurts to at less submit your site.

There is a lot to do so I better get started.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My Wedding Ceremony

My Wedding CeremonyIn Laughlin, on the 18th, I tied the knot with my wonderful girl, Meghan. The wedding went flawless. I couldn’t ask for anything else. It took place on the Colorado River in the Fiesta Queen with a total of 20 guests, which only included our closest family members.

The pastor was great! His words, “only share your love with each other and never share it with others be selfish.” repeats in my head.

Meghan was shining like an angel. The sight of her floating down the aisle was heart lifting. My eyes have never seen anything more beautiful.

Well… I think you get the point, I am grateful to be with such a wonderful wife.

Monday, March 13, 2006

First $10 Day

After the day job (Carpet Cleaning), I was checking my AdSense account and found "Today's Earning: $10", which is the most I've earned in one day.

The Money Makers:
1.) - $4.62

2.) - $5.85

Today is a wondrful day!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006 Goal

The Goal: average 25 visitors a day.
At this time: averaging 10 visitors a day.

Your thinking, “what a small goal?” I know. But it makes me feel good achieving any type of goal even the small ones. Anyways, after this goal is reached, another one will be set. Now, lets talk about the way this goal will be accomplish. The promotion methods include posting quality posts on acne related forums, submitting to directories, and one article.

Related Forum
- Finding 5 related acne forums
- One post on each forum

- Submit to 10 different directories

- Write one 500-word article on acne
- Submit to an article website.

Posting quality posts on a popular related forum is an easy way to get some visitors to your new site. The quality posts can also get you a good reputation.

Well… That is what will be keeping me busy for the next couple of days. I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Update on

Last month, averaged 105 visitors a day. This was a nice increase from January, which averaged 44 visitors a day. Now that you are aware of it, I’ll talk about what I did this last month to help the increase.

Game Page Redesign
The old design was bothering me because of all the white space and the content was to spread out. However, in the new design, the focus is the game and the game info is organized. This information is below the page fold because most of the visitors’ goal is to play the flash game.

(Old Design)

(New Design)

Place links linking to similar content/games on your site to help your position in search engines. Try to make your in site linking, three way links.

New Games
Constantly, flash games were added to the site. We all know, more flash games equal more page loads.

In the end, the cause of the increase was from updates.