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Thursday, August 17, 2006

10 simple steps in developing an information site

Today we will be talking about the follow:

  1. Personal Life
  2. 10 simple steps in developing an information site
  3. Information Site
  4. The LP project
  5. Advice

1. Personal life
The last few days have been interesting… Most of you know that I had cancer in 2001 however most of you don’t know that the chemotherapy treatment did a number on my teeth… Two days ago, my wife and I had to go the ER because my bottom left jaw was swollen caused by one of my infected tooth. The doctor gave me prescriptions of Percocet and Penicillin and he told me, “You need to call the dentist tomorrow”. Well… I wasn’t able to get an appointment until today. Earlier today, the dentist pulled my tooth, which was dreadfully painful!!! Now, my mouth is swollen and hurts however I am happy to finally get rid of that tooth. Last week, I was not expecting on having a week like this.

2. 10 simple steps in developing an information site.

1. Find a niche
a. Use this program, to find the amount of searches are done last month on a specific keyword then use Google to see the competition.

2. Select keywords
a. You could use Google Adwords to find high paying keywords. This is also a great way to find topics for your articles.

3. Register a domain with the main keyword
a. Keep the domain easy to remember. I recommend not using a dash in the domain for example because it makes it difficult to remember.

4. Develop a very basic design
a. If you would like, I could send a simple design for $10.

5. Write three 200-300 word articles
a. If you’re a bad writer, have a family member review it before publishing on the site. Also remember practice makes perfect!

6. Implement PPC advertising on the pages.
a. I recommend advertisement under your navigation and at the bottom of your article however testing different advertisement placement is your best choice. The advertisements should blend into your site.

7. Exchange link with related sites.
a. In Google search bar, type - keyword AND “submit site”. This should find related site to exchange links with.

8. Submit to free directories
a. Easy directories section has some easy and free search engines to submit to.

9. Post on related forum
a. Similar to finding link exchanges, type – keyword AND “Forum” in the Google search bar.

10. Leave the it alone
a. However you could slowly add more articles to improve the site but it is not required.

3. Information sites
As an Internet Entrepreneur, my favorite projects are developing Information sites because the quick return in my initial investment, which is only $10, and the passive income. For example, my newest LP project (which I will talk about latter) has already made me over $20 in its first month. I know it isn’t that much however think about it… If you develop 20 information sites for $200, you could make +200% back on that investment in the first month plus the additional income on the following months. No bank in the world could achieve +200% on your return.

4. The LP project
Yeah. I have decided to use code names because it makes it easier to refer too. The LP stands for Largest Project. This project is my largest information site so far. I’ve already mentioned the LP project before in a previous post. It is following the guidelines of Jon’s article, “Applying the K.I.S.S method to your projects”. The project is about 50% done and staying on schedule, which should be finished late September. In the future, I am planning on outsourcing tasks to be able to finish similar projects quicker.

5. Advice
In the beginning, as an Internet Entrepreneur, money is very limited. That is why you should start small projects to learning the basics. Next time you have an extra $10 register a domain and begin developing a simple site, instead of buying a music CD that will only site on the shelf.

Easy to submit directories

I made this list to give you some easy to submit directories to help your sites so enjoy.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Just keepin it real...

Thats all I am doing... keepin it reall! :)

1. Personal life
2. July’s Growth
3. July’s Profit
4. The Four Bought Informations Sites
6. Goals

1. Personal life
I’ve been having trouble staying in touch with my Internet and personal friends. I have a feeling that they think I am avoiding them. The truth is my daytime job (Carpet Cleaning); Becoming wealthy online, and spending time with my wife has been using up all my time. The small amount of free time I do have is spent resting.

2. July’s Growth
For the month of July, my entire site collection had 24,170 unique visitors.

3. July’s Profit
The month of July was very profitable with the net income of $385.99.

4. The Four Bought Informations Sites
Last month, I told everyone about buying four information sites form my good friend Khalid. It was a smart choice to buy these sites because my daily avarege has increased $2.39 a day. I’ve owned them for only 26 days and made a total of $73.94.

I trully believe in doing less and to achieve more. That is why I am getting tired of updating this site daily. It is using up to much of my time so what I really need to do is get a script that would automationcally update this site with a new flash game every day with out using my time. If you have any advise, please leave a comment.

6. Goals
I enjoy setting goals but my favorite part is achieving them. I have decided to really challenge myself with my next goal, which will be very gratifying to achieve. It will require a lot of focusing on projects that are profitable. I might as well tell you want the goal is. In January 2007, my goal is to be wealth, which is having a passive income that is equal to my expenses which is $1000. This will allow Meghan (lovely wife) to start working with my father and I, go back to school, or just work fewer hours.