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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Forum Posting - Update

It took me 1 hour and 12 minutes to post 6 new topics and 9 replies on the related forums.

11 unique visitors from the forums
32 page loads from the forums

It wasn't a great success but it still got people to visit the site. If I added more forums and posts the visitors would increase. I have a feeling that these posts will still bring more visitors to my site.

Forum Posting - Promotion Technique

It can be a very affective way to boost the traffic to your site. How to find the related forums to post on? Simple, you use Google or anyother search engine to do this. In the search bar type “Keyword forum” and the top forums related to your site will show up. After finding these forums, you need to introduce yourself and start contributing to their forum with quality post. This will get the right people to visit your site.

Always have a link back to your site either in your signature or post. Never have too much links referring back to your site or they will consider your post Spam. This would give you a bad reputation.

Testing the technique.
Today, I am going to carry out this promotion technique for my acne site, So far there as only been 1 visitor to my site, today. It averages about 4 visitors a day. The related forums will be a secret... Sorry.

Only the visitors that are referred from these forums will be counted. There will be 3 different related forums that are being used. I will post 2 new topic and 3 replies on each forum, which will total of 15 posts. Tomorrow, I will give you an update on the progress of this promotion technique.

This is the example of the signature that will be shown in my post on the related forums.

Popping zits
It’s an hour away from your blind date and a zit is growing.


Thursday, May 18, 2006

Personal Challenge – Defining risk

The following is my definition of risk in my own words. As an Internet entrepreneur, you must know the difference characters in financial risk.

“Financial risk comes in many different characters. One character would be relying on a paycheck that requires you to work every month. This could cause problems if you ever get injured and unable to work. In other words you would be red lining your finances. Another bad character would be having debt to pay every month. This is even worse because it brings in absolutely no income and sits in your liabilities eating your money. Both of these bad characters are much riskier than these good characters like owning assets that generate cash flow every month or spending money on your financial education such as, books and seminars. Understanding the difference between the bad characters and good characters in finances is vital in having financial freedom.”

Now you should write a paragraph defining risk, so you can completely understand what your inner thoughts are on risk. Lets just say you should understand it so you can defeat it.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Business Flash Games - Great way of learning?

Understanding the foundation of a business is a must for any Internet entrepreneur. Business Flash Games can be a great way of learning the foundation.

I believe an Internet entrepreneur education can be fun and should be fun. These are three business flash games that I highly recommend these flash games to anyone that wants a fun way of improving their skills in managing a business. Of course you can’t learn everything from these games alone but they can be a nice start.

Remember to watch the inner aspects of these business flash games.

  1. McDonalds Corp.
    This one is my favorite because you get to manage the agricultural section, feeding lot, restaurant, and headquarters.

  2. Lemonade Stand
    This one is a simple game. However it helps you understand the numbers.

  3. Hot Shot
    This one is very fun and helpful. You have to completely manage a business.

Well... I know everyone will enjoy these business flash games. I know. I did!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Growth and Profit - April

At the beginning of every month, you will be seeing the growth and profit from my sites. This information will not be in deep detail.

This is the total unique visitors from all of my sites for the month of April. This is important because as an Internet entrepreneur the amount of people your sites find is very important.

Unique Visitors

I have had a stable increase in income from my sites each month. Last month, April, the daily income had increased about $2 and monthly income has increased $22 compared March.


Daily income




Now, I know it doesn’t look like much but the experience alone is priceless.

The New Mission

Lately, the posts have been lacking character and useful information. I am going to change some things around in my blog. It will focus more on topics for Internet entrepreneur and my experience and daily challenges as an Internet entrepreneur.

The main reason to this blog is to give a starting-ground and inspiration to become a successful Internet entrepreneur.

The New Topics
- Interviews with new Internet entrepreneurs
- Advertising techniques
- Personal challenges
- Site updates
- Promotion techniques
- Last month growth and profit
- Book reviews

Each post will be about one or more of these topics above.