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Friday, September 22, 2006

The LP Project and more...

Another day… Another Blog post! I have some great things to talk about to day. It has been a very eventful month so far. My goal to have $1,000 a month is getting closer and closer.

1. Personal Life
2. 3 Days Earning
3. Link Exchange
4. LP Project
5. The Next Project
6. Advice

1. Personal Life
Raise your Hand, “my hand is raised” if you would like to kick the people, who develop annoying spy ware, in the nuts! Right in the nuts! A few days ago… I had to format my hard drive because all the spy ware was eating all my recourses, making my computer operate like it was retarded. Any one else has had a retarded computer?

2. 3 Days Earnings
Why has the last three days been great, you ask? Well… The progress of achieving my goal on having a passive income of $1,000 a month by January 2007 is doing exceptional. The last three days, AdSense and Yahoo Publish have made a total of $74, which is about $25 a day. I can only hope this will continue and improve in the future.

3. Link Exchange Request
I’ve been ignoring webmasters who been sending link exchange requests. I feel bad… Wait no I don’t because these webmasters want a link on my main page or link page for an link on their page with over 100 or their directory. If you want to exchange links with one of my sites, you would need a related site without

4. LP Project
Since the beginning of this project, I was debating on revealing the site or keeping it a secret. I’ve decided to reveal the site to the wonderful readers on my blog. Here it goes… It’s a 50-page information site on Airsoft Guns. The site address is Seeing that it was my first large information site, the organization was a little sloppy. I believe my similar future projects will turn out cleaner and the organization will be improved. If you have a related site, I have two more opening to exchange links so just drop me a line.

5. The Next Project
I decided to develop another large information site that requires a low amount of cash investment but high amount of writing. Seeing that writing is my weakness, this project is great because it allows me to practice my writing skills. It will be following the same guidelines as the LP Project. This project will be codenamed the PS Project. The PS stands for Paintball Support. The project will be on the extreme sport, Paintball. I started this project on September 9th and should be finished in late December. I will keep you updated on the progress…

6. Advice
If you find a method that works, repeat the process over and over.

Monday, September 18, 2006

My Addiction

This story begins in an IEA (Internet Entrepreneuring Anonymous) meeting…

Me: My name is Bob Schmuck and I am addicted to… Internet Entrepreneuring!

Counselor: Thank you for coming to the meeting. You are very strong person, and admitting is the first steps to recovery from success.

The Group: Clapping…

Counselor: I know the IE is a very difficult addiction to battle, alone.

Me: I’ve been addicted to IE since 2005 and it feels like a part of me.

Counselor: You are stronger then this addiction!

Me: Wait! Your retarded this isn’t an addiction this is MY LIFE!

The Group: Gasp…

Counselor: You need to control your addiction and your opinion.

Me: Internet Entrepreneuring is in my blood and always will be!

Counselor: I can help you with medication. It will kill your drive for success.

Me: Internet Entrepreneuring and Success is the most wonderful addiction in my life.

Me: I don’t need medication… go suck a lemon!


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sold 2 Sites!

What will you learn today?

1. Personal Life
2. Sold 2 Sites
3. The LP Project
5. Advice

1. Personal Life
Yesterday, there was 12 days before my 6th month wedding anniversary and 26 days until the Bone Thugs, which is Meghan’s favorite music group, concert. I estimated it would cost around $220 to be able to make this anniversary gift come true so I had 26 days to earn $220 excluding any money earned from my daytime job (Carpet Cleaning). I had the idea to sell one of my sites to come up with that cash. One day later, this morning I was able to sell two sites for a total of $285. It was a very memorial moment in my Internet Entrepreneur life.

2. Sold 2 Sites
This morning with the help of Khalid, I was able to sell for $90 and for $195 with total of $285. This should greatly improve my daily average for this month. As I said earlier, I will be using $220 for the trip to the Bone Thugs Concert, $35 to reinvest back into my websites (probable buying more domains), $30 for bills. The total time spent on selling these sites was roughly 2 hours. I honestly believe no employer would ever pay me $142.50 an hour…

3. The LP Project
I’ve been really enjoying the writing experience gained by this project. It is 80% done and has earned $45.29. Keep in mind that I’ve only invested $10 in to the domain and nothing in the advertising. I am debating on telling everyone this site URL when completely finish or keep it secret.

For the last month, it has been averaging around 140 visitors a day. I am happy with its consistency. Anyways… A while back, about 3 months ago, I decided to have my brother update the site weekly with new flash games. Earlier today, I called him and he said, “I need to talk to you about updating the site”. I had a gut feeling that he was getting tired of updating the site… My gut was correct. He wasn’t enjoying it. I was fine with it because I understand that developing or updating sites aren’t for everyone. I’m pleased he at lease gave it a chance.

5. Advice
Set a goal and achieve it!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Selling -

I have decided to dab into the world of selling websites with the help of Khalid. I’m especially thankful in having his guidance (thanks Khalid). The posting of the selling will be on Digital Point, Wicked Fire, Talkfreelance, and Netpreneur Forums. If you would like to receive information on the selling or place an offer, contact me at

Main Reason For Selling
In 12 days, it will be my 6th month wedding anniversary. My gift to Meghan will be tickets to her favorite music group, Bone Thug n Harmony; the concert is in New Mexico. Now, for the next 26 days, I must earn that money to be able to afford the trip.

Another Reason For Selling
I wanted to learn how to sell sites so in the future I’ll be able to earn extra money by selling sites.

Well… I’ll talk to you later.